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Personal Training & Corrective Exercise

Our Mission

The problem

A 2015 EU-Wide study by the Work Foundation( has found that musculoskeletal disorders(MSDs) such as back pain, neck pain and RSI-type conditions, account for nearly half(49%) of all absence from work. As more and more people move from manufacturing jobs to working in an office, many commentators expected the prevalence of MSDs to go down, but that’s not been seen to be the case.

Long hours spent at a computer keyboard, both at work and home, combined with more general problems of lack of exercise and obesity, have had the opposite effect. Chronic pain is debilitating on many levels being intrinsically linked to reduced mobility, work absence, reliance on medication, depression and lack of motivation

The solution

Back 2 Fitness London can help you achieve a pain-free, more mobile lifestyle and maximise your performance potential by:

  • Assessing your posture using The Biomechanics Method

  • Identification of those muscles and soft tissue structures adversely affected by any postural deviations.

  • Correcting poor posture by stretching out overworked muscles and strengthening underused ones.

  • Increasing your knowledge on how to maintain good posture and prevent further injury.

  • Enhance your training capabilities

  • Optimise your performance potential through strength & conditioning.

  • Continued support to maintain high motivation levels and fine-tuning of your exercise technique

Elegant Female

Rebecca J.
Finance Journalist

I came to Mehdi with a knee injury that left me unable to walk properly and certainly unable do any of the sports I once enjoyed. Following 18 months of treatment with two physiotherapists, I had little hope, but after three months working with Mehdi I can cycle, jog and run as I did before, while I am stronger than I have ever been. With his extensive rehabilitation experience, positive attitude and infectious enthusiasm Mehdi got me back on me feet, motivating me to achieve my goals and more. I couldn’t be more satisfied with what I have achieved during our time together and I am immensely grateful to Mehdi for his patience, support and encouragement. Mehdi is an exceptional personal trainer and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a firm, guiding hand to get them to their health and fitness goals and beyond."



1 Cobb St, London E1 7LB


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