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Management of Low Back Pain

Personalised online Exercise plan to support people with back pain

Long term back sufferers can really benefit from this approach especially if you only tried other treatment therapies like NSAID, manual therapy or physio, because of years of experience and knowledge, we helped hundreds of office workers and non-specific low back pain sufferers having a positive outcome. It can be done effectively through our online management of low back pain.


Let's show you how it works:

Once you have completed your free 30 minutes video consultation with us, we send you a personalised online exercise programme to target your specific issues to help you manage your back pain, using the latest and easy to use rehab App that contains a library of more than 5000 exercises.

The patient follows their exercise programme at the comfort of their home or work from your smartphone or tablet and records their session for a review and you can get access to your plan as often as you like.

We have included a short clip of what to expect and how it looks like using our App.

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